Who we are

Ockbrook Photographic Club came into being in July 2018 – and is currently run by a group of photography enthusiasts for a group of photography enthusiasts – the members.

OPC logoThe aim of the club is simply to help all members enjoy and progress their photography, to get enjoyment from the image-making process, viewing their images and spending time with fellow enthusiasts.

The club is non-competitive – we don’t hold photographic competitions or try to outdo each other with our images. We believe that photography is subjective and that different people will see different things in each others’ images.

We all have different reasons for enjoying photography and so members try to help each other with constructive criticism, helpful advice and encouragement.

Club members are encouraged to experiment and to just have a go. If an images comes out great, then great! If it doesn’t quite work then so be it – but everyone learns by trying and by not being afraid to fail in an attempt to succeed.

As well as monthly club nights, the club also enjoys regular photo walks in Derbyshire and occasional photo trips in other parts of the UK.