Lockdown lovelies

It was in June that we asked members to send us their favourite lockdown photos – those images that were taken during lockdown. Whilst we still can’t meet as a club yet, members are still taking fabulous photos at every opportunity. Enjoy.

Chris Upton on Landscape

Our May 2020 meeting was the second under the coronavirus lockdown. However, members weren’t disappointed as professional photographer Chris Upton stepped up to the plate to give us all the benefit of his wisdom on taking landscape photos. And what a cracking ‘virtual’ meeting it was as Chris shared his ideas and techniques with us…

OPC goes virtual!

April 2020 marked a somewhat unforeseen milestone in Ockbrook Photographic Club’s journey. The coronavirus pandemic had forced us all into lockdown – some into isolation – and caused the abandonment of the spring agenda. However, all was not lost and the club decided to try something new – a different way of doing ‘photography club’……

Getting gothic with Heather Burns

In November, we welcomed Heather Burns to the club for an evening of gothic imagery. We’d seen some of her images on her website beforehand – but we were quite unprepared for what Heather would show us at our club night. Heather began by sharing some of her photographic journey with us. It became very…

Autumn Colours on Facebook

    October is well known for its distinctive autumn colour – so it should come as no surprise that we should have chosen that as our Facebook theme for the month. Enjoy!  

Macro with Marliese

Lots of our members said in the past that they wanted to have a go at macro and close-up photography, particularly featuring ‘live’ subjects, such as insects. You’ll not be too surprised to hear that among the things you need to do that are 1) a macro facility for your camera, be it a macro…

Project 111 – Our May Practical

At our May meeting, we held a Project 111 session, sending members into the depths of Ockbrook to capture something different or objects in a different way. Project 111 is where we give members 1 hour to shoot 1 subject (or use one technique) and to submit 1 image at the end of that hour…

Such emotion!

Our Facebook theme for March was “emotion”. Quite a tricky topic to interpret – or so we thought! As always, our members let their creativity shine….  

Bottle it!

Our Facebook theme for February was ‘bottles’ – and it seems there are plenty of beautiful bottle scenes to be snapped all over the place! Here’s a selection of images our members posted in our Facebook group.