Light Painting with Tunnel Vision!

Back in October, a hardy group of members met up one evening at a dark, wet and cold car park on the Monsal Trail at Millers Dale. Other than us, there weren’t many folk around, but we were there to meet Stephen Elliott and Andrew Mycock. After some quick introductions, we headed off down the Monsal Trail to the nearby old railway tunnel. Having got into the relative dry, we followed Stephens instructions on setting up our equipment while he and Andrew started unloading all sort of weird, Heath Robinson equipment.

Under Stephens direction, we then started taking photographs using some very long exposure times whilst Stephen and Andrew started performing strange gyrations with a variety of torches, lamps, bicycle wheels and whips!

The results were unexpected and amazing! I think we could have gone on all night, but finally the cold got to us all and we had to finish. But what a fantastic evening we had and we all came away with a brilliant set of images.

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