November Club Meeting – Dave Mason

Well the presentation given by Dave Mason must go down as one of the most entertaining we have had so far. The subject was Street Photography, but his presentation and style is so much more than that. He definitely has a unique eye for the ironic, amusing and downright hilarious side of human nature.

Copyright Dave Mason

Despite the style, his images aren’t created by accident. He doesn’t manipulate his images in any way, but he does do a lot of research into places and events that will present him with the opportunity to capture his amazing compositions.

Copyright Dave Mason

Whereas most of us will look at a poster or general scene and think no more about it, he has the ability to spot an opportunity and will bide his time just waiting for someone with the right outfit or tee-shirt logo to enter the frame which will turn an ordinary image into something that you can’t help but laugh about.

His dry humour follows through with his presentation style which adds another dimension to his work. If you didn’t get chance to join us at the meeting, I strongly recommend having a look at his website at Dave Mason Images

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