Cromford Walk

Our evening photographic walk in August was around the pretty and historic village of Cromford, just outside Matlock Bath and the location of the world heritage site of Arkwright’s Mill.

Unfortunately the mill grounds are closed in the evening (which we knew) but the surrounding area offers plenty of photo opportunities.

We started at the canal head capturing some images of the old Derbyshire grit stone buildings which make excellent subjects for B&W conversion. From here it was a short walk to the river bridge and although access was more limited than we hoped, we did see one brave soul fishing, waist deep in the middle of the river.

Following the river path, we came to the unusual church of St Mary’s. This is where the Arkwright family are buried. The church is somewhat unusual architecturally and has a very striking (sorry) blue-faced clock on the main tower.

A little further along the river path and we came to the steps leading up to Scarthin Rocks, a short but very steep climb up a rock outcrop that overlooks the river and Arkwright’s Mill.

The view over the river to Willersley Castle Hotel was particularly impressive. We had only intended to spend a short time here, but the sky was changing so rapidly and presenting some stunning colours, we stayed until it was getting dark and we had to make our way down while it was still safe.

From here, we had a short walk to the centre of Cromford and just managed to get a few pictures of the Mill Pond at blue hour before we headed to the nearby Greyhound Hotel.

Here time literally stopped (ask Linda Peel) as we enjoyed a drink and a reflection of the evening before heading home.

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  1. Linda Peel says:

    Yes time did stop!!! I was home a lot later than I had invisaged!!!!


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