February – Richard O’Brien

Well in our February meeting we were treated to a amazing talk by Richard O’Brien entitled Architecture – Exposure to Edit.

© Richard O’Brien

Richard talked us through some of the most wonderful architectural images he has take around the world and how he approached the technical and sometimes the security problems associated with obtaining these images.

We were given lots of advice on the equipment needed, the “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to taking photographs in some of these iconic and sometimes sacred buildings. Tips on how to look for the unusual or out of the ordinary when it comes to selecting the composition, things that will lift the image from being a tourist snapshot to a stunning representation of the architecture.

Richard is an IT Instructor in his day job and an Adobe Certified Expert, so for the second part of the evening, he talked us through the steps that he takes in post processing his images.

It was a clear, sensible and rational walk through his workflow and he was very open to questions and discussion about the reasoning behind his post processing workflow.

© Richard O’Brien

A thoroughly enjoyable meeting was concluded with a short slideshow from the membership on an open theme.

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