OPC Trip to Alnmouth

After our successful trip to Derwentwater last Autumn, there was a clamour for the next club trip. It was booked for Alnmouth on the Northumbria coast and seven members joined for the 4 nights.  Staying at Nether Grange hotel, we were ideally placed for, travel up and down the coast, dawn interest and some good food.   Sharon was unable to join due to an unfortunate event en route and Kevin would join up with us later in the week. The intrepid seven : Dave, Moy, Annette, Linda, Chris, Peter and Martin

The weather was bright, cold and often extremely windy.  On Day One at 05.45am most of us headed out for dawn close to the iconic silhouette of Dunstanburgh Castle where we froze waiting for a change in the light! The irony of this only happening after 7.30am was not lost on us. Later that day we made for Holy Island and traversed the drying causeway.  There is much of historic interest to photograph here, the Priory, the church, plus Lindisfarne Castle.  Add to that the harbour, old boats, sheds and were all set for a good day out, provided we could stand upright in the freshening gale.  Next stop was Bamburgh where were sandblasted on the vast beach before heading down the coast and on to Beadnell where waves were crashing over the sea wall. 

On Day Two we enjoyed the sites of the working fishing harbour at the nearby town of Amble. Having sated ourselves on coastal locations we moved inland to Warkworth where we enjoyed the grand castle and an interesting local nature reserve.

Day Three started with a walk to Low Newton by the Sea where the grassland was alive with larks and we even saw a hare.  The lovely pub in the village was much appreciated as a subject but more so for its hot drinks and excellent ale.  We ended the day at Cullernose Point where basalt columns give a somewhat poor impersonation of the Giants Causeway.

The Northumberland coast if a fascinating area to photograph and where vast, dune backed sandy bays contrast with black boulders and rocky points.  The small towns along the coast all bring their own interest and Alnmouth is a fascinating place that lost its role as a grain port but became a quiet (out of season!) tourist town.  Next stop Whitby!

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