Higger Tor and Wyming Brook

The photo walk for October was a somewhat different challenge.

The plan was to start the walk with some sunrise photographs at Higger Tor and the first challenge was to get up at stupid o’clock in order to get to Higger Tor for 7.00am.

Well a few hardy souls made it and with the sky starting to show the first indications of the rising sun, we were all in position and ready for the dramatic sunrise.

Then with immaculate timing, the fog came down and visibility was down to a few feet!

Not to be deterred, we made our way down to Wyming Brook. At that early hour, we pretty much had the place to ourselves and what a stunning place it is.

Even though the general area became very busy (as we later found out) there were very few people walking along the brook and we enjoyed a wonderful morning of photography in amazing countryside without much interruption.

So, after a bit of a false start, we had a great morning of photography.

Being gluttons for punishment, we are having another go at sunrise at Higger Tor on 2nd December before moving on to Magpie Mine.

Due to inclement weather forecasts, we have cancelled the 2nd December walk and are looking to re-arrange for Sunday 9th December subject to confirmation. Details are on the link below.

See full details of this on a separate post and please feel free to join us, you won’t regret it.

Meantime, please enjoy a few images from the morning and a big thank you to Kevin Marriott for organising both this and the December walk.


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